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Get ready for the NY2016 World Stamp Show!

StampFinder has been selected to prepare a mobile web application designed to help stamp buyers and attendees navigate what will probably be the largest stamp bourse and exhibit in recent history. Since the typical buyer will only have a few hours to visit the show, it is important to maximize your stamp buying opportunities, which means finding the dealers most likely to have what you are seeking. You, the show attendees, can greatly improve your chances of finding what you want by participating in our survey of what you will be looking for. Go to My specialties to login and register your areas of interest today. The summary of this survey will influence how many dealers bring what you want.

As we get closer to May 28th you will be able to visit StampFinder and get your personalized and most current list of those dealers who have indicated they have what you want. Get the most out of the show by taking the time to complete the survey today.

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The economy of China has had explosive growth the last 10 years and its stamp prices have reflected this to an astounding degree.

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