Stampfinder® CollectionBuilder®

Our new CollectionBuilder® feature, offered exclusively by StampFinder® to our members, gives you the ability to build your stamp collection online. Having your collection online offers a variety of valuable benefits. First, it allows you access to your stamp collection anywhere you have an Internet connection. View or display it at shows, events, or share it with friends. You can obtain one time, or periodic, stamp collection valuations. It also makes your stamp collection more valuable to dealer buyers since it allows them to convert this into a saleable inventory with minimal effort, i.e. you have done all the work for them in entering and valuing the collection. The collection can be continuously edited for additions or deletions.

You can use our CollectionBuilder® online stamp collecting software to build your collection either by using our Build a Collection page, which allows for the individualized entry of items, or by using our on-line catalog. The benefit of using our on-line catalog to build your collection is that you can use our one-click functionality to add items to your stamp collection. You can build a virtual stamp album if you wish to sell you stamps, or share your stamp album pages with friends. You can also create an electronic want list for automated searching for items you are still seeking. See our WANT LIST feature for more details.

Like insurance, CollectionBuilder® also helps you prepare for the worst. Many times collectors intend to leave their collection to their children or grand-children. CollectionBuilder® allows your heirs, who may know nothing about philately, to obtain a realistic valuation of the stamp collection should they wish sell the collection to any dealer worldwide thereby assuring a fairer price. Note, buy low - sell high is how dealer's make their living. We can help even the odds a bit.

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