StampFinder® StampEvaluator (Classic Edition)

The StampFinder® StampEvaluator (Classic Edition) provides a listing of the universe of stamps issued between 1840 and 1950. The StampEvaluator will provide market pricing and valuations of stamps for various gradings and conditions along with images of each. It covers not just Scott Catalogue listings, but a broad array of thousands of varieties found in other catalogs along with revenue and postal stationary items, and many unlisted items.

The StampFinder® StampEvaluator is the first generation of a digital system which is un-constrained from the limitations of a hard copy stamp catalog. Un-constrained as to image use, pricing categories, frequency of pricing or listing updates and searchability, this Evaluator is unique. You can search by country, by category and by topic. You can even subscribe to only those countries or topics of your choice.

The current StampEvaluator has over 160,000 thousand listings with 100,000+ images. It will soon be available with other catalog numbering systems as well. Stamp dealers and stamp collectors are invited to submit stamp varieties and types for inclusion. Updating will take place regularly, not just once a year. At last, stamp collectors have the opportunity to identify and value those unlisted philatelic items everyone acquires over time.

Stamp dealers should inquire about using this service to obtain comparative pricing of their inventories or to update their offering prices. We will be publishing regular advisories about new listings to keep our members up to date on countries of interest to them.

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