StampFinder® - The Global Stamp Exchange, was the first multi-dealer philatelic site on the Internet. We have been serving stamp collectors and stamp dealers since 1995. We are becoming the primary source for classic, investment grade stamps, stamp news and philatelic information. We have new resources for stamp collectors and stamp dealers including our CollectionBuilder – for building your stamp collection online, our Want List Service – so you can locate and bid on those hard to find stamps, also to get Stamp Rating Valuations.

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StampFinder announces the release of its Want List and Collection Builder for Classic Stamps free of charge in order to assess collector reaction to its various features and format.


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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your want list anywhere and anytime on the go? Even if you love to surf those websites doesn’t it get tiring and slow…..wouldn’t it be nice? (sung to the Beach Boys song by Brian Wilson “Wouldn’t it be Nice”). Excuse the alliteration, but it’s what struck me when searching for the words to describe our new want list service. If you are logged in as a member, go to your name and click on the choice “My Want List” to learn more.

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About StampFinder®

StampFinder began in 1995 as the first multi-dealer website dedicated to philately. We see the Internet as the life blood of the hobby and the vehicle by which stamps can become a popular investment in addition to being the most universal hobby in the world.

We are not dealers in stamps. Our interest is in promoting stamps as an investment through providing the type of information investors are used to seeing with other investment products they buy.


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