StampFinder's Best Buy's in Stamps

The StampFinder concept is designed to highlight the investment value of individual stamps for investors and collectors. It demonstrates that the selection of investment quality stamps and their historic performance can be as readily analyzed as for a stock or bond. Likewise, stamps have measurable attributes which can be weighed and compared to provide a basis for selecting items with potential for future appreciation.

Postage stamps have an extensive information history. USID Inc. has accumulated this historical data into a database that includes numerous elements on each investment grade stamp. All major markets and catalog systems are taken into considerations as well as the currency rates.

The end result is information that every stamp buyer should have before buying stamps cataloging $25 or more. Specifically:

  • Has the stamp been increasing in price and, if so, how fast and for how long?
  • How does the U.S. price compare to other world markets?
  • What is the stamp's potential for future appreciation?
  • How does the stamp compare relative to all other stamps from that country?
  • Which stamps are moving up or down in price since last year.
  • Identifies which stamps have investment values and which are just expensive.

The StampFinder concept applies tried and tested analysis techniques, combined with common sense economic theory of supply and demand, to evaluate the performance and potential of individual, higher priced stamps. Appreciation histories, potential for future appreciation and disparities in pricing between major catalog systems are all reviewed item by item, mint and used. Stamps are then rated B(EST)BUY, OKBUY and AVOID. An average world price in U.S. Dollar equivalents is calculated, based on an average from the numerous reputable catalogs in use.

The information about postage stamps detailed in this section has been compiled from the numerous individual country guides published by StampFinder. We have extracted those stamps which represent the best investment buys. Our selection criteria are based on a weighing of the individual stamps appreciation over at least the last ten years, and in many cases, thirty years. An item had to have a catalogue value of $25 or more and averaged a minimum return of six percent a year in order to be considered. More details on how items were evaluated can be found under 'Explanation of Data'.

Before viewing the stamp selections by country, it is recommended you study the explanation of what the data items mean. Data elements will vary by country because they may be more or less significant. For example, the prices for U.S. stamps in Germany are of little significance, since there is little supply, while the price of German stamps in Germany are of predominant interest to a buyer anywhere. While stamps valued over $100 are generally bought individually, items below this value are best purchased as part of a lot or collection. Hence, you may wish to consider purchasing the guide for a particular region or country so that you can evaluate the investment merits of the other items being purchased.

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