StampFinder Dealer information

StampFinder is the oldest multi-dealer philatelic sites on the Internet. We have been serving stamp collectors and dealers since 1996. Member Dealers are able to offer and sell their inventory on StampFinder in a multi-dealer environment that attracts more buyers because of the depth of offerings and multiple ways stamps are offered. Its identification protocol makes targeted searches faster and makes re-visits by buyers faster and customized. Your inventory is identified by topic and by the different catalog numbers through our extensive catalog cross-indexing system so that your buyers are not limited to just your numbering protocol.

We actively promote StampFinder on the Internet, in the philatelic press, and through various other means. Best of all, we don't put ourselves in the middle of a sales transaction. StampFinder will charge dealers a low listing fee that is based on the number of listings, not their sales value. And fees will be scaled down to encourage the listing of lower priced items.

StampFinder is also providing an evaluation service for collectors interested in buying stamps for investment purposes. Some 50,000 stamps cataloging $25 or more will have an investment rating. We will flag your inventory for its investment attributes when such attributes make a stamp a BestBuy. This should make such stamps more saleable by creating a greater audience of buyers. Multi-lingual shopping pages will help to overcome dealer and buyer language limitations.

Our want list Registration Service is another plus for Member Dealers. Customers are constantly notified of inventory additions of items they're looking for when you add such items to your inventory.

StampFinder offers unique and useful services to both dealers and collectors. Our combination of marketing and services brings large numbers of individuals to the site. Such traffic gives Member Dealers a decided advantage in the electronic marketplace.

If you would like to join the StampFinder Network complete the online application to get things started. We'll do our best to answer any questions you may have. Contact us!

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