Stamp Collecting Software

StampFinder® is making available a variety of stamp collecting and philatelic software for the stamp collector. The products listed below allow you to build and manage your stamp collection with a variety of useful tools. The philatelic software shown below has been tested and approved by StampFinder and its' members.


SCOTT® licensed Stamp Collecting Software to Inventory your stamp collection. Includes SCOTT numbers and beautiful COLOR images! The perfect tool you need to organize and value your stamp collection.

Get your stamp collection in order today!

Need to know what you have and what your collections are worth? Get EzStamp.

Over 620 countries available. (SRS) Stamp Recognition Software Also available

Price: $54.99



Albumgen is the the most intuitive and easy to use Stamp Album Page Layout program available.

Great for exhibits & Topical Albums! Designing your own pages was never so easy. Fantastic for the topical collector or for exhibit pages. Never have to buy expensive album supplements again!

Make pages for countries where sometimes pre-made pages are not even available. AlbumGen is also the #1 philatelic software for creating stunning exhibit pages.

Price: $64.99



EzGrader is a powerful new TOOL available to stamp collectors which allows you to easily determine the centering of your stamps (ie Grades such as F-68, VF-78 , XF-90)

Get a competitive edge when bidding for stamps by knowing the true grade of the stamp!

Price: $59.99



Stamp Perforation Measurement Software : EzPerf - The Premiere Stamp Perforation Measurement

Software for your stamps! EzPerf will allow you to easily and accurately measure the perforations of your scanned stamp images.

Tired of wasting time trying to measure perforations the old fashioned way with difficult to use plastic gauges? Give EzPerf a try & you will see how easy it is to use.

Price: $39.99



EzImage is a full fledged Image Editor/Processor with some very powerful features built in. EzImage can help you organize & scan your stamp & coin images now! EzImage will save you a lot of time. With Auto-separate, Auto-rotate, Auto-crop, it will reduce your image processing time significantly.

If you sell on eBay, EzImage is a MUST HAVE. With EzImage, the time intensive chore of scanning, cropping, rotating your images is made easy. Let EzImage help you Organize and Scan your images. It's easy & it's fast. Spend more time selling & making money!

EzImage is a program no stamp or coin enthusiast should be without. If you value your time, then EzImage is for you. Dealers, collectors & eBay sellers worldwide use EzImage to process their Stamps & Coins for their websites, eBay & image databases.

Price: $64.99 STD version, $149.99 Pro version