Philatelic Publications

StampFinder® publishes a variety of philatelic books and other publications to help the stamp collector and investor find value in their stamp collections. Used in conjunction with our StampFinder Stamp Evaluator, these publications help you find those hidden gems.

Best Buys in Postage Stamps

Features the stamps identified as the best investment values from the various country and regional guides being published by StampFinder. These stamps constitute the best of the best in terms of value, having averaged better than a 6% annual rate of return for a decade or more.

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Best Buys - Germany

Features Germany, German Colonies, Occupation Issues, Berlin and DDR. A buying guide for over 3,000 investment grade stamps with specific buy or avoid ratings. Also includes a cross index between Michel, Yvert, and Scott numbers.

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Best Buys - Far East Countries

Features China, China - P.R., Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macao, Manchuko, Mongolia, Philippines, Ryukus Islands, Tanna Tuva, Thailand, and Tibet. Provides average world pricing on over 2300 investment grade stamps based on Michel, Yvert, Gibbons and select local catalogs. Shows how the world price compares to current Scott prices. Provides appreciation histories, appreciation potential and buying recommendations as well as general commentary on recent price changes and overall, by country, price trends.

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Best Buys - British Empire

Features the U.K. and all the countries of the empire. Over 10,000 stamps are detailed as to their price appreciation histories and recent price movements + or - according to the most recent Gibbons and Scott catalogs as well as Linn's Trend reports. The most recent world prices are shown and a comparison to the Scott price is given, permitting colllectors to compare prices in the U.K. versus the U.S. market. Appreciation potential and buy recommendations are also included..

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